Church update about Covid-19

Ladies and gentlemen from the month of October the following activities will be resuming


1.      Small groups

2.      Youth worship service

3.      Meetings

4.      Hokkori Cafe (morning only)

5.      Having meals at church (lunch boxes will not sold)

6.      Cleaning ministry (Tuesdays & Saturdays)


The following activities will not be resuming

1.      Babysitting: If you have with small children, please use room 306 (Bambi) for worship service with your children, or the 2nd floor.

2.      Kitchen volunteers: Please bring your own lunch and drinks

3.      SBS

4.      Missions for Minamisanriku

5.      English classes

6.      Timothy classes

Please observe the following rules when conducting activities 

1.      About meals, feel free to use the kitchen.  However, please refrain from talking while eating.  Please eat in small groups and wear a mask while chatting with someone.  Not wearing a mask will increase the risk of infection. 

2.      We will prepare a sheet to keep a record of who has met in the room, from what time to when.  We will prepare a "Time of Use" sheet for each room, leave on the table.  We appreciate your cooperation to fill out the sheet by yourself.

3.      We will limit the time of activities to 2 hours unless there are special needs.

4.      Please be aware of the limit of users per room.


If you have any questions, kindly ask the staff, pastors, or leaders of each services or groups.