1.     Prayer and Reaching out: Let's continue to pray for various issues such protection from Covid-19 and reach out to those around us. Let’s continue to reach out to those who are in need.

2.     Requests to fill out the Online Worship Questionnaire: We need all your cooperation and also for the new comers.

3.     Church Christmas decoration: It will be held from 14:00 on Sunday, November 29th. We will meet in the lobby. Decorate mainly the sanctuary and lobby. We need the help of at least 10 people. Thank you for your cooperation. If you can help, please contact Pastor Okamura.

4.     Reading Club 2021: If you would like to join, please write down your name on the sign-up sheet in the lobby (Not automatically updated). For web worship, please email Pastor Sasaki ( There is no orientation. If you wish, please let Pastor Sasaki know.

5.     Kohitsuji & JS Club Christmas Parties: Please pray for the preparation of the leaders, students, and for the children to have the opportunity to remember the grace of Jesus' birth.

Kohitsuji: 12/5 (Sat) 13:00-15:00 Sanctuary (Kindergarten and Elementary will be combined)

JS Club: 12/20 (Sun) Room 405-407 during the 2nd Worship on the 4th floor

6.     Coming-of-Age Ceremony: Will be held after the second service 1/10 (Sun). If you are celebrating the coming-of-age ceremony for next year (2021), please write your name on the application form on the counter in lobby.

7.     Declaration of monthly pledges by faith: We kindly ask of you to pledge monthly for the church to be able to plan the church’s budget for next year. Please turn it in in the box in the lobby.

8.     Last week's praise offering: Marriage, Wedding Anniversary, Baptism, Kids’ Festa, Christmas, Receiving 2021 calendar, Listening to the message about thanksgiving, CDs, Work related, Funerals… ETC!

9.     Next Weeks Service:


Pastor Kohei Kajiyama

Waiting for God