1.     Update on Covid-19: For now, all activities are cancelled. We will only have Worship Services, Sunday School and JS Club. If you need to use rooms for meetings, kindly contact the pastors.

2.     Let’s pray: The is a great calamity the world is going through. However, what we can do is to pray. God listens to our prayers. Let's pray. Add prayer time to your daily schedule.

3.     Let’s reach out: With a lack of fellowship in the church, we really need someone’s voice. It doesn't matter how you reach out, email, letter, etc. Let us share our courage, time and effort to reach out with love.

4.     Requests to fill out the Online Worship Questionnaire: If you worship online, kindly answer the Online Worship Questionnaire. Name and date would suffice. It helps us to see who are watching. Thank you for your cooperation.

5.     Youth Worship: For the time being, Youth Worship Services will be held online in the afternoon. As usual, the schedule will be the first and third Sundays of the month at 15:30. The content is not much different from the usual worship services. Please join us. For more information, please contact Mr. Shota Otsuka, Ms. Kaho Kajiyama, and Mr. Kohei Tanaka.

6.     Sunday School ONE DAY camp: 9/21 (Monday National holiday) from 14:00 to 19:00 we are planning to have it at church. Due to the Covid-19, we are planning to create an opportunity for children to have fun, have great memories, while various events such as camping and VBS are canceled. There will be praise, games and learning from the bible. For more information, please simply ask and Sunday School staff. On the day, we will take measures to prevent infection, but it may be canceled depending on the situation. Let’s continue to pray for the event.

7.     Suishō no Tsudoi (gathering of seniors): A HAIKU (poem collection) by the participants has been completed. It is posted on the bulletin board at the entrance and lobby. Please take a look at it.

8.     Baptismal ceremony: It will be held on November 3rd (Tuesday national holiday) to prevent infection. If you would like to be baptized, please fill in your name on the application form in the lobby on the counter. We will contact you later regarding the start time of the ceremony.

9.     Children’s Festival (7, 5 & 3 years old): We have a blessing ceremony on November every year, but this year we cannot go on with it to prevent infection. In place of the blessing ceremony, we will read the child’s name and project a picture, pray for them, during the announcements on the first week of November. Gifts from the church for the celebrants are also available. For families who wants to join, please write your child's name on the application form on the counter in lobby. The deadline is 9/29 (Tue).

10.  Last week’ Praise Offerings: Being able to have Memorial Service through CD, reading through the Bible, birthday, ETC…

11.  Next Week’s Service

                        Life of Faith Series #5

                        Pastor Gensho Yamaguchi

                        The Fruits that the Spirit Ties

                        Galatians 5:22-23