1. Resuming Worship Services: We will resume worship services in the sanctuary from Saturday, March 6th, Sunday, March 7th, and Tuesday, March 9th. However, for the time being, only worship service, Sunday School, and JS will resume, and activities such as small groups will still be cancelled. There are no babysitters and we will not be selling lunch boxes. If you plan to hold a meeting at a church, please consult with the pastors in advance. This will be done regardless of the state of emergency or the Covid-19 Waning of Osaka Prefecture. If you have any questions, please contact the pastors.

2. Prayer and Reaching out: Let's continue to pray for various issues such protection from Covid-19 and reach out to those around us. Let’s continue to reach out to those who are in need.

3. J S Club: JS Club Online will meet today, Sunday 2/28, @ 11:30. The JS Club will reopen at the Church next week from Sunday, March 7th, in Rooms 401-402 from 11:30. High Schoolers, please feel free to join us.

4. Sunday School: It will resume next Sunday, March 3, from 3/7. We will take proper measures against the infection, such as ventilation, wearing masks, and washing the hands of the children. Please worship at home today 2/28, using the Kohitsuji Channel.

5. Vacation Bible School (VBS) Cancellation: Unfortunately, we will not be having VBS again this year. We are very sorry for the children and parents who were looking forward to it. The reason is that the outlook of Covid-19 infection is uncertain, and the arrival of the American team in Japan is also uncertain. Please continue to pray for the children at church, this decision might cause stress. Thank you for understanding.

6. Winter Donations: The period ended in January. Thank you for your precious offering. If you are still thinking of giving, it is ok to be late. Please send it at your convenience.

7. Thanks Giving Offering: Birthdays, funeral, etc…

8. Up Coming Week: 2 Samuel Series #7

Pastor Kohei Kajiyama

Title: Doing the Right Thing

Scripture: 2 Samuel 8-9