1. Upcoming Services and Activities: The State of Emergency has been issued to Osaka Prefecture. Please worship at home as much as possible. However, we will continue to worship in the sanctuary for whoever wants to worship, but we will do the following. (1) Attend the first or second services every other week. (2) We will be playing a recorded worship service in the sanctuary. (3) Please return home as you really need to stay in the church, let a pastor know. (4) If you aren’t feeling well, please rest at home. If you really need to stay at church, let a pastor know.

2. Hokusetsu Easter Festival: The "Hokusetsu Easter Festival" will be held online from 4/11 (Sun) to 5/9 (Sun) via YouTube.  Let's promote this to people around us.  For more information, please contact Pastor Kajiyama.

3. Kohitsuji Channel: Videos for kindergarten and elementary school, will be prepared by the church until the Sunday school resumes (due to video editing reasons, it might be late preparing it). For more information, please contact Pastor Okamura.

4. Super Bible Camp: It will be held from Thursday, July 29th to Saturday, July 31st. The target is elementary school students who are gathering in our church, and the capacity is 30 people. There is no membership fee! is. Applications will be accepted from 5/15 (Sat). Now that children's events have been canceled one after another due to the new Covid-19, we hope to provide children with an opportunity to learn the Bible as much as possible. The Americans who gather at our church will be in charge of the Bible class. We plan to take sufficient infection prevention measures at the time of the event, but depending on the infection situation, it may be canceled. For more information, please contact Pastor Kajiyama or Pastor Okamura.

5. Timothy Class: Timothy classes will start an online class. It will be on Saturday morning and we will be using ZOOM. First class will be on 5/29. If you are interested, to those who want to take the class again, please contact the church by phone or email. If there are many applicants, you may have to wait for a while, so please contact us as soon as possible. For more information, please contact Pastor Sasaki and Kiyoka Bunya. Phone: 06-6387-0101 Email: 

6. Thanks Giving Offerings: Everyday protection, ETC…

7. Next week’s service:

Life of Faith #9

Pastor Gensho Yamaguchi
“Seeking the kingdom”