Gospel of John #7

Spiritual Fulfillment the Samaritan Woman Longed for

John 4:1-42


I.       Christ going back to Galilee (4:1-4)

II.     Conversation between the Samaritan woman and Jesus Christ (4:5-26)

A.      Samaritan woman

B.      Jesus Christ’s conversation

1.      Approach (4:7-9)

2.      Cultivating the Heart Part I (4:10-12)

3.      Cultivating the Heart Part II (4:13-15)

4.      Cutting into the heart of the problem (4:16-18)

5.      The real answer to problem solving (4:19-24)

6.      Awakening of a woman's heart (4:25, 26)

7.      The woman’s testimony to the town’s people (4:28, 29)

III.   Summary

A.      Jesus Christ who solves our problems

1.      Making your devotions deeper

2.      Praying about the problems the Word makes us aware of

B.      Think if our worship is by the Spirit and Truth

1.      Focusing our heart towards God

a.      Are we not distracted during worship?

b.      Have we not lost our guilt about not attending worship?

2.      Pray and entrust to God the thoughts that hinder your focus