John #13

Christ Who Came as the Light of the World

John 8:12-59

I.          How to treat 7:53-8:11


II.        Teaching of Christ to the Pharisees and Jews

A.     Savior's purpose: I am the light of the world (8:12)

1.     Assertion that this world is in darkness

2.     Consequences of darkness

a.     Cannot understand God and Savior (8:19)

b.     Sinners cannot enter heaven after death (8:21)

3.     Christ teaching in the temple courts (8:20)

B.     Grounds of darkness in this world: Humans are enslaved to sin due to the Devil

1.     Those born of sinners are slaves to sin (8:34, 38)

2.     The Devil causes humans to sin, and the destination of sin is death (8:44)

C.     To be free from the rule of the darkness: Believe in Christ who was sent by God

1.     If you believe, you will never walk in darkness (8:12)

2.     If you believe, you will gain eternal life (8:51)

D.     Grounds for Jesus being Christ: God whose name is “I am” (8:24)

1.     Clearly said he is God Himself (8:24)

2.     At the time of the Cross and resurrection, will come to know he is the Savior (8:28)

3.     The God of Abraham (8:58)


II.    Being thankful for Christ’s grace and remaining in the Light of Christ

A.     Think about the greatness of the hope of the light of life

B.     Acknowledge and confess your sin that God has shed light on (1 John 1:7, 9)