July 12, 2020

The Gospel of John #5

Whip That Jesus Wields



I.       Passover Festival and Christ's Cleansing of the Temple

A.     The clearing of the temple done at the beginning and end of Christ's public life

B.     A festival with great importance to the Jews

II.     Cleansing of the temple of Christ (2:14-17)

A.     Businesses in the Temple

B.     Intense indignation of Christ

C.     Substitution of Christ on the Cross

D.     Precursor to Christ’s substitution on the cross

III.   Discussion at the Temple (2:18-22)

A.     Haughty attitude of the Jews

B.     The meaning of the temple shown by Christ

C.     People who "believed" in Christ (2:23-25)

IV.   Keeping the body of Christ pure

A.     Tiny compromises call in sin

1.     Thinking if something is really good or not with our own mind

2.     Reconsider our behavior based on the attitudes of the merchants in the temple

B.     Continue to follow the Whip of Christ

1.     Christ is the best shepherd (Psalms 23:1-4)

2.     Encouraging each other as Christians