Ladies and gentlemen, the State of Emergency will be issued to Osaka Prefecture. We must refrain from going out and unnecessary traveling. Therefore, we ask of you to worship at home as much as possible. However, for those who cannot worship at home or who absolutely want to worship in the sanctuary, we will continue to worship here at church. However, after 4/24 (Sat), it will be as follows, how long this period would be is undecided.

1.     We asks that you attend the first or second services every other week. If you go to the first or second service this week, please worship at home next week or attend Saturday or Sunday evening or Tuesday services. This is to avoid over crowding. The number of seats in the sanctuary will be reduced to about 40 seats. It is up to you to decide which week you will attend.

2.     We will be playing a recorded worship service in the sanctuary. This is to prevent the spread of the virus from the people who are on the stage.

3.     All necessary services/ministry will be done by the pastors and the staff. This is to eliminate the situation of "having to come" to the church for volunteering. Sunday school, JS, and all other activities should be done online or suspended.

4.     Please return home as soon as the worship is over. If you really need to stay in the church, let a pastor know.

5.     If you aren’t feeling well, please rest at home.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Suita Bible Gospel Church Pastors